Feb. 21st, 2016

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My Tomb Raider obsession has largely subsided, and I started playing RPGs again. I started doing runs of the Ancient Cave in Lufia II again. The Ancient Cave is basically a giant randomly-generated dungeon with 99 floors. It's pretty fun. I also resumed my Lufia: The Legend Returns save file. Apparently, my mod of The Legend Returns didn't work on real hardware and no one ever told me. It was pretty easy to fix, thankfully. And I got back to Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen again. I'm in Chapter 4. One more chapter until I get my heroine, Bonnie. Named after Bonnie Tyler, due to their similar hairstyles.

For some reason, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was moved from 12 PM (Eastern Standard Time) to 7 PM. (Also EST.) I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I've heard from a few sources that maybe the demographic just changed; I know Miraculous Ladybug is pretty popular with 11 to 14-year-old young women. I just don't know how good a 7 PM EST time slot is for a show.

I think I'm going to end up signing up with a temp service to try and get some cash. I need some new clothes and new tennis shoes. And it would be nice to have enough to finally get some nice sandals for summer. It gets tiring going around barefoot all the time... I also need a phone, badly.

I'm doing well on the mock exam for the written driver test. I passed with 88% last time. I'd like to get a few more questions right though before I commit to taking the written exam and getting my temps.

I've been streaming games lately. I'm slowly accepting that my computer isn't good enough for it though. I might cap it off after I finish the two Game Boy Color Tomb Raiders; my Tomb Raider friends haven't played them before, or in a long time in some cases. So I want to show it to them.

I actually played and finished Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within with all endings. It wasn't as bad as everyone said. I mean, it wasn't as good as Clock Tower: The First Fear or Clock Tower, but it was alright. If it weren't so expensive like every fucking game in the series except Clock Tower 3, I would totally consider picking it up. As it stands, I find it lucky that I'm even thinking of buying Clock Tower and Haunting Ground. Maybe I should just mod my PS2...

Also, I started watching Ghost in the Shell. I watched the two movies. Ghost in the Shell (The film.) was alright. Maybe I missed all the subtext, but I didn't find it that amazing of a movie. Maybe it was because I watched Ghost in the Shell 2.0 rather than the original film, I dunno. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence was better. It seems like it fully fleshed out the ending of the first movie, with Batou and the rest of Section 9 dealing with the after effects of Motoko's disappearance.

This lead into me watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex again. It's phenomenal, definitely one of my favorite anime. I love Section 9 so much! I plan to watch all of Ghost in the Shell: ARISE again after this, too. I've seen a lot of fans find it disappointing, but it seems like nerds get rage boners over everything and anything in this day and age. (No offense if you are that type of nerd.)

I don't come on as often as I should. I should probably at least write video game stuff once a week. I barely ever rant about that anymore. Maybe it was because I was playing Tomb Raider so often; not much you can bitch about when you've played a game multiple times.

I do read you guys' entries though. I promise. I just usually don't reply because I really have nothing to say... that or usually entries were from several days ago. I find it weird to reply to really old posts.


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