Mar. 7th, 2016

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Not much is going on. I'm progressing more in Dragon Quest IV, and I'm thinking of returning to The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road when I'm all done with it. I went to a temp staffing service for an interview, and now I work for them. It seems like there are some complicated rules, but I need to pay my bills and get some new clothes and shoes. It'll be nice to do that.

I washed my 6" Irwin 2000 Sailor Moon doll today. Her hair was kind of sticky and gross, so I shampooed it, and I cleaned some dust stains off her uniform. My 11.5" Irwin 1990's Doctor Tomoe had some dust stains on his jacket, which is what prompted me to look at everyone else, which lead me to Moon's dust stains. Tomoe's jacket is all white, so he just got that outright bleached. Most of the stains went away, and the big one on the back is faded.

Six more runs of Parasite Eve II to go until I have every ranking reward unlocked, then I move on to the higher difficulties. I have to say, The 3rd Birthday really improved in every way on the unlockables from the previous two games. That's ten years of experience for ya though.

It's really nice out today, about 60° F. If we didn't put plastic over our windows for the cold winter, I would've opened mine up! But I got enough fresh air and sun while walking to and from the staffing place. (I partially took a bus, partially walked.) My father told me he would make grilled burgers today, but apparently the hamburger didn't thaw thoroughly today, so I was told to have a Campbell's Chunky Soup instead. I'm not sure what flavors there are.

My friend Gean has been texting me a lot, which I appreciate! It's nice to talk to her, but I would like to see her in person. Oh well.

I started a daily schedule just to try and give myself some structure, and the visit to the temp service made me so out of schedule. I still need to sweep my room, exercise, trim my nails, and call the medical transport for group therapy on Wednesday, but I am so tired. I'll get to it eventually, I'm sure.

Miraculous Ladybug is on hiatus in the USA, apparently, but the Miraculers (Miraculous Ladybug fandom.) made such a huge noise about it that Nickelodeon had to publicly announce what's going on with the show. Made me a little proud, hahaha. (That reminds me, I need Marinette icon... Edit - Now I don't! Yay!)

I wonder if I should stream some Tomb Raider today.


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