Mar. 24th, 2016

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My stomach feels really large. I know I haven't gained any weight, but I'm just constantly aware of how fat I am. I still think I look pretty good, but when you find out you have a health issue that's directly related to your weight, it kind of takes the confidence right out of you. It also sucks when said health issue prevents you from working out... Like, right now, I can't even do my stretches, so my back is in major pain.

At the very least, I hope that this has taught me the reason why I am losing weight is not because I want to be more conventionally attractive, but rather so I don't have all the health issues that come along with obesity.

The missing apostrophe key in my laptop is really getting on my damn nerves lately. I really wanna get the keyboard replaced, but I dunno if I could survive a few days without my computer, hahaha. Plus, there's the little fact that I can't afford it right now.

Speaking of cash, the job hunt is still not going well at all. I know I just gotta stick with it, but this is just a miserable existence. I need results now. I can't wait a year, two years, four, eight, fifteen until I somehow land a job picking up dog shit. I've already resolved that I have to go to college to get some kind of degree. I'm thinking I'll end up being a programmer of some sort. I've grown more and more comfortable with the idea over the past several months.

I've been trying to watch more movies lately. I finally saw GBF, which I had been meaning to see for years purely because Megan Mulally plays a side character in the film as one of the teens' mothers. I really recommend it; it is totally a typical high school coming of age film, but with a couple of gays (And heavily implied lesbians.) in it. The movie is on Netflix; I definitely think you should watch it if you want a new film in your itinerary. I was a little disappointed by a certain aspect of the ending, but I feel that the resolution they reached was a mature one, so I can't say I'm honestly too downtrodden by it.

After, like, four years, I've finally returned to Star Ocean: First Departure, a remake of the never-released Super Famicom title, Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey. While Fantastic Space Odyssey is indeed a fantastic technological marvel of its time, I feel like First Departure's combat system is more intuitive. In the original, to move around the battlefield you have to point and click an area to go to. The remake just has free movement. Another fix that I like is that First Departure has a kind of auto-targeting system, where a character will run up to an enemy and attack just by pressing the X Button once. Fantastic Space Odyssey makes you choose a target, then press the A Button to attack. Every single time. So you basically are double-tapping the A Button every time you wanna swing your weapon. First Departure's battle system is just waaay better.

It took me some doing to try and find out where the hell I was supposed to be going in First Departure, but I figured it out. Now we're doing a bit of level grinding, going from about level 45 to level 50. It's honestly not so bad, considering that the enemies in the dungeon I'm supposed to be in give tons of experience. I had half the team done in about an hour. My only complaint with this area is that I have to run out of the dungeon I'm grinding in, then I have to run out of the dungeon with easy enemies that we had to run through to get to this dungeon, then I have to run to a town to heal and buy more items. (Also not a problem, since the enemies in the dungeon I need to be in drop a lot of money.)

I also finally got every rank in Parasite Eve II, so I can start the harder difficulties--and I did! I started Bounty Mode, which places creatures from the end of the game at the very sart. It also makes enemies deal twice more damage to Aya, making a single bite from any foe into a deadly affair. I've had to pay the price a couple of times... So far I'm having fun though. After basically speed running Parasite Eve II thirteen times in a row, it's so refreshing to just sit back and enjoy the plot and take my sweet time doing a creature massacre. Oh, I also got my Parasite Eve II disc 1 rebuffed, so it looks all nice and pretty again. I kind of want to get some other games fixed up too, but at the same time--nah. I especially don't wanna risk my rarer games getting damaged somehow, like Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

Final Fantasy XIII is also on the roster again. I don't care if this game is hated by the fandom; I have such good, fond memories associated with all of the FFXIII trilogy. I find the stories beautiful. That's not to say I don't have my issues with them, (Why the hell weren't we able to fight Jihl before Dysley offed her, dammit?!) but it doesn't hurt my appreciation for them.

I'm going to go get a peanut butter and jelly half-sandwich and keel over for the night, hopefully for a longer amount of time than I did earlier.


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