Apr. 4th, 2016

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Well, another two weeks have gone by. (I forgot all about updating last week, oops.)

Not much has happened. I feel sad because I can't find a job. Um... not much else has happened. My friend Gean got a job--did I tell anyone here that? I'm happy for her. Mostly I'm ruminating over how I need to try and get out of this rut I'm in, but I can't seem to be able to.

I'm on disc 2 of Parasite Eve II. Bounty Mode is going alright. I also returned to Tomb Raider III on PlayStation. I had watched a lot of gay films last week. Let me try to recount them.

- Out to Kill: Somewhat stars one of my favorite musicians, who also contributed to the score. A party boy throws, well, a party for a Floridan apartment block and winds up dead, apparently of an overdose, but his loved ones don't accept that. A gay PI takes the case, and the twists and turns will shock you. The guys in this are pretty hot, too.

- Is It Just Me?: A writer meets someone on a gay dating site, but didn't realize his go-go boy roommate's profile was left up by mistake. Some attempted-hilarious hijinks ensue, and it ends with the protagonist the the guy he met getting together. I really can't recommend it.

- Eat With Me: This one was actually a really nice celebration of life. An Asian-American man struggles with his love life and keeping his late uncle's restaurant afloat. On the flip side, his mother realizes that she may be unhappy in her bland, unfulfilling marriage. She goes to stay with her son and the effect each other's lives. George Takei makes a cameo, which is awesome. I also have to say that Nicole Sullivan, who played Maureen in this movie, really nailed her character!

- Bear City: A more twinkish guy realizes he likes men with a bit of heft to them--namely, the hairy, chunky men known as bears. The "plot" is fucking awful, and the protagonist doesn't even end up with a bear-guy, but an older muscle "hunk" type. Horrible, horrible excuse of a film.

- Any Day Now: In 1979, a drag queen and lawyer end up raising a boy with Down's syndrome after his druggie mother is arrested. It being 1979, you can only expect things to end in tragedy, but the more refreshing part of this movie was the fact that the tragedy doesn't affect the protagonist and his boyfriend's relationship.

- Do I Sound Gay to You?: A documentary on the "gay accent." Basically, there's evidence to prove that boys who were raised with girls--friendship-wise or family-wise--will have more feminine-sounding voices and feminine interests. It was pretty comforting to me to watch. It also has some pretty fascinating

Not sure what else I may watch. A lot of LGBT+ films are depressing as fuck. Like, "White Gays Are Happy for a Brief Period, Then Get AIDS and Die" is the name of every single other fucking gay film out there.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III came out today. It was really good. I won't spoil it for anyone here, but I can say that with this, Crystal is coming in to its own at last. No word on when Miraculous Ladybug may start airing again on Nickelodeon, though.

I can't think of anything else to write. I'm going to go see if I can go eat more food.


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