Jun. 6th, 2016

ethnicroadkill: (Jill Valentine)
- Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was announced for 2017 release. It's coming to PS4, and probably Steam as well. Super exciting! I hope it includes both the Zodiac Job License Boards as well as the vanilla global License Board.

- Job hunting is not going well. I have a lead on a job but I haven't received a call back. I'm considering trying to call this Wednesday. Note to self: call the medical taxi for group therapy after writing this. I have to go downstairs to take my dirty dishes down anyway, so I can grab the phone then.

- Still working on a guide for Phantasy Star Generation:2. I finished the Clear Game quest, and the results make your team super overpowered. It makes sense now as to why it's so difficult to do, and so easy to screw it up.

- Pride is supposedly next month, not sure when. I gotta find out. Edit - July 17th, a Sunday. Whoops. Not sure if Gean can come down, then.

- I have another medical issue, yay. Hopefully the wound starts to clear up within the week.

- My doggy is doing a lot better! He's pretty much fully healed. I love him so much.

- Not much else is going on...


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