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Forgot all about this again last week. Whoops.

So, as of this post, I'm 23. Today is my birthday. I don't feel any different. Maybe a bit more confident that I'm making good strides toward getting my shit together. So far, I went to my sister's to make a meal with her (, which we found was delicious. I also got some new shoes and a new pillow(!), some cupcakes, and I happened to get some cash from my "retirement fund" from when I worked at Festival Foods, and some weird refund thing from my old college bank account. It'll keep me going for a little while longer.

As a followup to last post, I discovered that a nurse practitioner can indeed diagnose and disperse meds in Wisconsin, so that's good. Another thing, I'm more or less set for getting back into college. Because I dropped out, I was on academic probation and I was never notified, so when appeals for autumn semester start, I'll have to go through that process. I think I have a good chance of getting in. I need to call the financial aid office and find out how the appeal process/academic probation will work... the explanation I got before was kind of confusing in my opinion.

My sister quit as our mother's in-home caretaker, so I was thinking of signing up to be one but quitting after I have the money to get some bills paid off. I don't want to live with and work for my mother, that sounds like a nightmare in progress. Urgh...

I started working on a walkthrough for Phantasy Star Generation:2. I'm so nearly close to being done with the first half of the game that I can practically taste it, but lord. Walkthrough writing can be so stressful. I go to write up the introduction to the next dungeon and three hours of my day are gone. It's something productive to do though. Others will benefit from it in the end, and this game does have such a dearth of information on it.

Oh! I found an entertainment center in the trash and took it home. It's in pretty good condition, all things considered. I'm sure most of you have seen it already though.

It's really nice. The right half of the entertainment center actually has three shelves, but they're removable, so I took one out and put my little HD TV there. The shelf I took out is underneath my PS3 now.

Oh, I fixed my apostrophe key, kind of. I figured out how the key's scissor mechanism goes on, and I put the "right click menu" key over the apostrophe, then I put the broken apostrophe key over the "right click menu" key and fastened the busted part with some duct tape on the bottom of it. It's so nice now!

Let's see... Miraculous Ladybug is airing again, 8:30 PM EST... on NickToons. Yyyeah. Nickelodeon's "cartoon graveyard." Pretty sure America isn't going to get season 2. Oh well. I binge-watched it on KissCartoon, so I'm all caught up and following the Miraculous subreddit again. (Yes, I use Reddit in addition to Twitch, Twitter, Plurk, and Tumblr. No, I'm not going to tell you my Reddit name. I want to be anonymous on there for now, sorry.)

I'm really sad that the show is being treated like shit in the US, because it's such a wholesome, fun show filling a void that not many other cartoons other than, like... Star vs. the Forces of Evil, I think it's called? (Not counting PowerPuff Girls. Rebooting PowerPuff Girls was a mistake.)

Episode 10 of Drag Race came out, so I should watch that in the morning first thing before going on Twitter. I think that about covers all I've been up to. I'd love to hear from any of you guys--how are you? It's been so long since I've talked to some of you.
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