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It's "7:30 AM and I can't sleep so I'm listening to Utena duel songs and shitposting" time again. I have an appointment later. Still pursuing jobs. That's about all.

Oh oh. I earned $100 total from all the cash I had, and gifted Kay Phantasy Star Collection for GBA plus Phantasy Star IV on Steam, since it isn't on the PS Collection cart. And I got presents.

- FFX|X-2 HD Remaster on Steam
- Bionic Commando Rearmed on Steam
- Phantasy Star II and IV on Steam (Bought for myself)
- Made dinner with my sister
- $20 from my father

I think that's it?? I think I might dip into my $100 a bit more than I already have and buy myself some more aloe lotion, and some sunblock, sunglasses, and a shirt or two since I'm desperate for new shirts. That's hopefully not gonna be over $30?

Miraculous is coming back to Nick during the summer apparently. If I still have cable by then, I'll tune in to support.

My poor doggy got attacked by a mean dog. My dog didn't even do anything wrong! :( I was so mad. His eye was all bruised and he had a scratch that was bleeding, but it's obviously healing to us, and he's doing well. He doesn't even seem to have too much trauma about it for now, which is good.

I ended up unable to complete the second quest in Phantasy Star Generation:2, so I have to start the game over to try again. Currently, I'm waiting on the current expert on the second quest to run some tests on what went wrong. I would really like to confirm it works for myself though, just so there's a person who speaks English as their native tongue to confirm that "Yes, this is how you do this."

I think that is all. Hope you are all doing well.


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