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Gean got to come over yesterday. We played Zombies Ate My Neighbors together and had tons of fun! At this point, she kindly ordered us Chinese food. And then we tried to play Super Mario Bros., but we had to run to the ATM because she forgot to withdraw money. We made it back just in time to see the nice delivery man come up with our food. She got a crispy chicken and I got General Tso's Chicken, but we mixed up our orders and she got mine and I got hers... but they were basically the same thing, I think? My sauce was a little bit spicier, her chicken was crispier, and my rice had broccoli in it. Other than that, they were the same. Gean is cool with spice, so she didn't care.

After that, she saw episode 1 of Sailor Moon Crystal for the first time and tried classic Tomb Raider. Though at first the tank controls were killing her, she was getting the hang of it! She got a couple of jumps all by herself and understood how combat was supposed to work right away. I was pretty impressed.

We talked about boys, and sex, and our lives, and joked around. I got to educate her about circumcision, which was great; it feels amazing to educate people about issues they didn't know about and have hard facts at your disposal to back you up. The visit was really nice. I hardcore missed her when she left...

We've decided we're going to Pride next month together. It starts July 17th at 11 AM. Which reminds me--the Orlando tragedy. It was horrifying to hear about. I was ignoring it at first since I thought it was just another shooting in America--yeah, fucked up, but you gotta kinda become inured to these things when it happens so often--until I heard people were still going on about it and I looked into it. When I found out it was my people who had been specifically targeted, I was mentally annihilated.

Later on that day, I remembered God Help the Outcasts from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And so I made a sign with some of the lyrics on it to hold up at Pride. It's a shitty sign just made of chalk and cardboard, but I've gotten nothing but compliments on it from my friends. I dunno though. But I guess revolutionaries always never know about their signs when they make them.

Well, let's get off that heavy subject.

Somehow, the Tomb Raider series magically works again on my PC? I... don't know how. I thought it was a graphics card problem, meaning it's a physical issue. But FMVs work in TRII through V, and Tomb Raider I, and presumably Unfinished Business, no longer crashes. So... I dunno. I'm just gonna count my fucking blessings.

I've been trying to play Secret of Mana and I am honestly just not feeling it. It suffers from MMO syndrome, in that it's far too grindy and your reward for grinding is another grind. I'm just so done with it. It's probably a better experience when playing with a couple of friends.

Today, I'm going to go to the store and get some more things to prepare for summertime and Pride. (Gotta get my rainbow candy dildos. Totally. Yup. 100%. All the time.) Later on, I'm going to come home and enjoy Tomb Raider I on PC for the first time in a long time... and then make myself get back to writing Phantasy Star Generation:2's walkthrough.
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